About Archangel Waters

Made with love for the intention of healing.

The Process

Did you know that every divine being and Archangel has a corresponding gem or crystal that aligns with the same energy and vibration of that being?

By capturing the essence of that particular gem or crystal it is like having your own personal Archangel in a bottle. By spraying the crystal/gem essence over your body you are able to invite the Archangel into your energy field so they can heal and manifest on your behalf.

How is the essence extracted?

When making an EXTERNAL USE gem/crystal spray, it is recommended to use only tumbled stones. Normally, the gem/crystal is placed in pure water for several hours under the light of the full moon; the vibration of the crystal is then transferred into the water.

Archangel Waters Aura/Body Sprays are completely safe for EXTERNAL USE ONLY because the vibration of the crystal/gem has been transferred to the water via Reiki healing by a professional Reiki Therapist. This gives you complete peace-of-mind that your bottle is 100% Pure, safe and energetically charged.


What else is in the Bottle?

Along with the beautiful crystal/gem energy is:

  • 100% pure rainwater that has been charged under the light of the Full Moon for eight hours.
  • Beautifully Blended essential oils.
  • Healing Reiki Energy
  • Available in 100ml sturdy Brown Glass spray pump bottle

Why are there essential oils included?

The oils are placed in each Bottle to stimulate the olfactory system which sends a response past the Neo-cortex or Conscious brain and into the Limbic System. The Limbic System is a group of nerve networks that deal with instinct, memories, emotions, motivation and learning.


Our sense of smell has the power to remind us of memories from many years ago, therefore our sense of smell holds the key to our subconscious mind allowing us to reconnect with our higher self.  It is here that the Archangels will communicate with us and where we will find our answers to healing.


How did these beautiful Bottles come about?

The concept of using crystals for healing or to encourage Angelic assistance is not new particularly for Energetic or Reiki healers. These bottles were originally created by me, a Natural Medicine Practitioner and Reiki Therapist. After attending an Angelic/Shaman Retreat I received a guided message to use “liquid crystals” with my clients as a way of invoking specific Archangels who desperately wanted to help and assist during the session.

So I began to select (with guidance) different crystals/gems and aroma oils to represent the different Archangels. Originally, the bottles were created only for my use in clinic however; clients enjoyed them so much they began to ask if they could purchase the bottles so they could continue “therapy” at home. So, more bottles were created for clients to purchase.

Eventually, other Reiki Practitioners, Energy Healers and Shamans in the area come to know the bottles and began to experience the positive effects from the Archangel Waters that they too are now incorporating the sprays into their Healings.


How do I use the Archangel Waters Aura Sprays as a therapist in healing session?

Easily, I simply begin every Reiki Session by laying out all the corresponding crystals and asking the client to select which crystal they feel resonates with them. After they make their selection, I explain to them which Archangel will also be joining the healing session.

For e.g. If they select Rose Quartz, I explain to them that this Represents Archangel Ariel and she is concerned with (reading off the bottle) increased business/finance, attracting love, abundance, animal healing and environmental healing. I then ask the client if any of those aspects ring true for why they are here today and every time they say “yes”. I then bless the space, therapy bed and clients aura with the spray and begin my Reiki Healing as usual.

Sometimes the client can have difficulty choosing a crystal or they may be too emotionally distracted to really connect with a crystal, in this circumstance I simply get them to blindly pull a crystal out of a bag to select an Archangel Waters spray.


Do I have to have a Reiki session with a professional before I can select a bottle?

No, many people will just buy them off the shelf for themselves or loved ones. By reading the description of each Archangels specialties, it is easy to select the right bottle for your current circumstances. The Archangels have made it very easy for you 😉


REMEMBER: There are no mistakes, you can select and work with as many Archangel Waters Aura Spray bottles as you like, however you like. You don’t need to know Reiki or even be a therapist to begin your journey with these bottles. The Archangels love you and they want to be in your life to help you.




The Different Angels

Archangel Ariel     


  • Manifestation of worldly supplies
  • Environmental Concerns, cleaning, healing, protecting
  • Magic from the Divine
  • Abundance of love
  • Business Success


  • Her aura is Pale Pink and her crystal is Rose Quartz


Who should work with Ariel?

  • Anyone who works with or has an infinity with animals
  • Animal carers and healers
  • Anyone with a sick or injured pet
  • Environmentalist workers and healers
  • Anyone who is looking to increase business profits/opportunities
  • Anyone who needs to manifest earthy supplies
  • Anyone who needs extra love or seeking a soul mate relationship.


Archangel Gabrielle


  • Creativity Flow
  • Communication
  • Media Communication
  • Confidence with Artistic Projects
  • Adoption of children, Conception of children, Fertility


  • Her aura is a beautiful copper colour and her crystal is the yellow citrine

Who should work with Gabrielle?

  • Anyone looking to have clearer communication
  • Anyone having difficulty with Parent-child relationships
  • Journalists, communication workers, media professionals
  • Those looking to adopt or conceive and child


Archangel Haniel


  • Feminine Strength
  • Moon Connection and Moon Magic
  • Healing abilities
  • Peace and Grace
  • Increased Clairvoyancy


  • Haniels aura is a peaceful Bluish White and her crystal is the Moonstone

Who should work with Haniel?

  • Those who do energetic healing work
  • Anyone who wants to increase their feminine power
  • Those who are drawn to the moon energy


Archangel Jophiel


  • Increased Beauty
  • Encourages Beautiful thoughts
  • Artistic Beauty
  • Encourages Positivity


  • Jophiels aura is a beautiful deep dark pink and her crystal is the Pink Tourmaline

Who can work with Jophiel?

  • Anyone who needs increased beauty in their lives
  • Artists and Interior decorators
  • Anyone who wants to lift their mood and attract positivity into their lives


Archangel Metatron


  • Brings understanding and love to all sensitive children
  • Works with children with ADD, ADHD or on the autism spectrum
  • Balances chakras particularly in children
  • Chakra alignment in adults



  • Metatrons aura is healing green with pink stripes of love. His crystal is the Watermelon Tourmaline

Who should work with Metatron?

  • Teachers, parents and carers
  • Those who also work with special needs children
  • Any child who presents with sensitivity
  • Families or individuals that have experienced a recent tragedy
  • Anyone who feels their chakras need balancing
  • Anyone who does chakra healing work with children


Archangel Michael


  • Finding life purpose
  • Courage, strength and motivation
  • Protection from lower vibration
  • Protection from other peoples negativity
  • Self esteem
  • Space clearing


  • Michael’s aura is a powerful deep blue and deep violet. His stone is the Sugilite


Who should work with Michael?

  • Anyone who works in the protection field, police, guards, children’s services etc
  • Anyone who needs either personal space or home/office space protection from lower energies
  • Anyone who clears space as a profession
  • Those seeking to find direction and life purpose
  • Anyone who wants to feel stronger or increase their personal power




Archangel Raphael


  • Support and guidance to those in healing profession
  • Healing of body, soul and spiritual healing
  • Travel Protection
  • Cravings and addictions
  • Space clearing after healing



  • Raphael’s aura is a luminous emerald green. His chosen stone is Malachite


Who should work with Raphael?

  • Anyone battling addictions or cravings
  • Anyone in the healing profession, nurses, masseuses, energy therapists etc
  • Anyone who wants to clear a healing space at home or work
  • Travelers seeking protection and safety
  • Students of healing modalities



Archangel Raziel


  • Alchemy
  • Clairvoyancy
  • Esoteric wisdom
  • Healing past lives
  • Dreams
  • Manifestation
  • Revealing secrets




  • Raziels aura colour is the Rainbow. His stone is the clear quarts which has every colour in it

Who should work with Raziel?

  • Anyone wanting to increase their psychic abilities
  • Alchemists
  • Those who need healing from a past live
  • Those who work with others on past life regression
  • Anyone who wants to overcome a past tragedy
  • Anyone who wants to clearly understand dreams or who wants to receive messages in their dreams
  • Those who want to learn the deeper secrets of the universe


Archangel Uriel


  • Clear thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Increased ideas and intuition
  • Students
  • Earth Changes
  • Removing writers block


  • Uriels aura is a subtle pale Yellow. His stone is the Amber.

Who should work with Uriel?

  • Anyone who is studying or taking exams
  • Anyone who needs to increase problem solving
  • Anyone who wants to have fresh ideas
  • Those experiencing writer block
  • Anyone who is involved with earth moving, planning or gardening
  • Psychologist or Counselors
  • Psychology or counseling students



Mother Mary


  • Children’s Healing
  • Fertility Healing
  • Love and support to mother especially single mothers
  • Increased mercy and compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Self forgiveness


  • Marys aura colours are beautiful  Gold and light Pink rays. The crystals used to represent Mother Mary is Angelite, Amethysts and Rose quartz

Who should work with Mother Mary?

  • Anyone seeking more compassion and forgiveness in their lives
  • Those concerned with healing children
  • Mothers who need support
  • Single mothers who need extra support
  • Anyone having fertility issues
  • Those in the Child-care profession
  • Those who want to add  caring aspects to their profession
  • Students of Spiritual/Religion or Child-care modalities
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